by Claus Larsen

On his web site, Uri Geller has a list of things he connects with the number 11. He believes this number to be all-important. E.g. he attaches meaning to the fact that some people have noticed their clocks sometimes show the numbers “11:11”.

He says on his web site:

“The endless reoccurrence of these hours 11:11, 11:01, 11:10, 10:01, 10:11, 10:10, 01:01 represents a positive connection and a gateway to the mysteries of the universe and beyond.”

Not a word on 22:22 or any combination of that.

Into the realms of silliness we go…
As distasteful as it might seem, here is Uri Geller’s list of reasons why the number 11 is connected with the WTC/Pentagon attacks on September 11th, 2001, along with my comments.

Date-Time related
In which we learn the basics of numerology: Attach significance only to the numbers that fit your agenda.

“The date of the attack: 9/11 – 9 + 1 + 1 = 11”

If the date is so important, then why not the time? The more precise, the better, right?

  • First tower hit: 8:45 = 17
  • Second tower hit: 9:03 = 12
  • Pentagon hit: 9:43 = 16
  • First tower down (second tower hit): 10:05 = 15
  • Second tower down (first tower hit): 10:28 = 11! A hit!

“September 11th is the 254th day of the year: 2+5+4 = 11”

It isn’t always – on leap-year, it’s the 255th. Hey, that’s hex(FF), the biggest number you can have with one byte! Coincidence?

“After September 11th there are 111 days left to the end of the year.”

But 1+1+1 = 3? Why can we add “9+1+1” as well as “2+5+4” and get significance from that and not from this number?

“The World Trade Center was built from 1966 to 1977 … taking 11 years.”

When is a building “finished”? The ground breaking was August 5th, 1966. The ribbon was cut April 4th, 1973, taking less than 7 years.

“Pentagon ground breaking ceremony was on September 11, 1941 “

This day is important, but the ground breaking day of the WTC is not?

“Remembrance day is November 11…. “

Remembrance Day came about when the German government accepted the armistice, ending World War I, in 1918. Neither Osama bin Laden, Afghanistan or the WTC existed in 1918.

“World War one officially ended at 11.11 “

The armistice was signed at 5:10am, November 11th, 1918, to be effective 6 hours later, which is 11:10am.

“56 years have passed since the end of world war two 5+6 =11 “

83 years have passed since the end of World War One: 8+3 = 11. Missed that one, Uri!

“The # of story is 110 (2x) 110 – 110 11:11”

No, that’s 110-110. Not “11:11”, when nothing happened anyway.

“November is also the 11th month”

No shit… But the attacks happened in September, Sherlock.

“Fourth of July, is the seventh month so 4+7 = 11 (Independence Day)”

Flag Day is June 14th: 6+1+4=11. Missed that one, Uri!

“John Kennedy his death was a big tragedy as was the attacks on the American people”

JFK, born May 29, 1917. 5+29+1+9+1+7 = 52.
JFK, died November 22, 1963. 11+22+1+9+6+3 = 52.
There are 52 weeks in a year! (Well, most of the time…)

“Flight 93 crashed into a Pennsylvania field at 10.10 AM, remove the zeroes = 11”

  • First plane crashes: 8:45. Remove the zeroes = 845.
  • Second plane crashes: 9:03. Remove the zeroes = 93.

“Uri Geller born 20, Dec.1946. 1+9+4+6+2+0=22. 11+11=22”

Aha! Uri is involved! Maybe the FBI should bring him in for questioning….who knows, he might use his pendulum to find Osama bin Laden on a map of Afghanistan!

“Nikita Kruschev died 30 years ago on September 11 1971”

William Sydney Porter, American short-story writer who used the pseudonym O. Henry, born September 11, 1862. I can see a more sinister connection here! Can’t you??

Letters-in-names related
In which we learn that you have to desperately tweak and abbreviate names to get a result.

“New York City – 11 Letters”

The official name of the city is: “New York”. 7 letters.

“War Declared is eleven letters”

“War is declared” is 13 letters. “Terrorist attack” is 15 letters. “Uri Geller” is 9 letters. So what?

“Tuesday Sept is 11 letters “

“Tue Sept” is 7 letters. If you abbreviate when you want to, you make it even easier for yourself to come up with “significant” numbers.

“British Army “

“US Army” has 6 letters.

“The Civil War”

Why “THE Civil War” and not “THE British Army”?

“The Pentagon – 11 Letters”

When do we use “The”? When the shoe fits, of course!

“Paratroopers “

13 letters?? Uri himself claims to have been a paratrooper once, so maybe he is involved??

“Nuclear Bomb”

No nuclear bomb has been employed, or considered being employed.

“Hudson River “

“East River” has 9 letters.

“Nationalism is stronger now in the United States.”

“Patriotism” might be a better word – but of course only has 10 letters.

“Armed Forces “

Of what? The Taliban? Libya? South Africa? Germany? San Marino?

“War on terror”

“War on terrorism”, to be linguistically correct. 14 letters, though.

“World war one = 11 letters, World war two = 11 letters World war III = 11 letters.”

“World War Three” has 13 letters. Consistency is a good thing – except in numerology.

“Afghanistan – 11 Letters “

Conventional long form: “Islamic State of Afghanistan” = 25 letters.
The Taliban refers to it as: “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan” = 27 letters.
“United States of America” = 21 letters.

Why is this not important?

“Skyscrapers, = 11 “

“World Trade Center” = 16. “Pentagon” = 8.

“American Airlines AA = 11”

United Airlines UA = 211 = 4.

“Jesus Christ”

Depends on the spelling: IESU is fine, too. “Allah” has 5.

“Air Force One”

True. Must be significant.

“George W. Bush”

No, that’s “George Walker Bush” = 16 letters.

“Bill Clinton”

No, that’s “William Jefferson Clinton” = 23 letters.

“Saudi Arabia”

Conventional long form: “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” = 20 letters.

“ww terrorism”

Does “ww” mean “world war” or “world wide”? There is no world war, and the attacks were on US ground only.

“Colin Powell U.S. Secretary of State”

No, that’s “Colin Luther Powell”, 17 letters.
Even if we admit that the use of “George W. Bush” is valid, “Colin L. Powell” would have 12 letters.

“Mohamed Atta, the pilot that crashed into the World Trade Centre”

Osama bin Laden = 13 letters. Isn’t that somewhat more significant?

“Ramzi Yousef – 11 Letters (convicted of orchestrating the attack on the WTC in 1993, Ed.)”

His codefendant, “Eyad Ismoil” also has 11 letters! Yet another missed hit, Uri!

“Algerian pilot accused of training four of the suicide hijackers…Lotfi Raissi 11 letters”

Let the courts decide who is guilty, and not some random numbers.

“Kalashnikov Osama Bin Laden carries with him”

“Beard”, “turban”, “sandals”, neither has 11 letters.

“Karachi City”

“Kabul” has 5 letters – and the Pentagon has 5 sides! Oh, my…

“Harry Potter”

This latest addition to Geller’s list of eleven-lettered names connected to the WTC/Pentagon attacks is truly amazing! I knew there was something sinister about that kid!

In which we learn that there is nothing as ludicrous in this world as a numerologist seeking a pattern – even when the facts are wrong.

“119 is the area code to Iraq/Iran. 1 + 1 + 9 = 11 (reverse the numbers and you have the date) “

The area code to Iran is 98. The area code to Iraq is 964. The area code to Afghanistan – the country that the US is actually fighting – is 93.

“Twin Towers – standing side by side, looks like the number 11 “

It can also look like “II”. Now the architects are in on it too?

“The first plane to hit the towers was Flight 11 by *American Airlines or AA -> A=1st letter in alphabet so we have again 11:11”

The second plane to hit the towers was Flight 77 by United Airlines or UA. By the same method, we have 77:21:1 which means…what?? Uri Geller would like us to believe that 11:11am is significant. However, in this attack nothing happened at 11:11, so there…

“State of New York – The 11 State added to the Union”

During the 11th Presidency (Polk), the crack in the liberty bell became too big for it to be rung ever again!

“The USS Enterprise is in the gulf during the attack its states ship number is 65N +5=11 “

What’s with the “N”? Why add 5? If “AA” (the airline of the first plane to hit) is significant, why not the “N” here? If we use the same method, we come up with 6+5+14(“N”). That is 25. Plus 5 = 30 = 3.

“11 ships were involved in search operations at the crash area of the Russian passenger jet over the Black Sea.”

How many airplanes? How many people? Why aren’t these numbers important?

“Afghanistan lives it in its territory. “

Afghanistan is close to Russia –that’s a sinister connection?

“Empire State is now the tallest building in New York. “

“Empire State” is New York State, not the building. The official name is “Empire State Building” – 19 letters.

“Flight 11 – 92 on board – 9 + 2 = 11”
“Flight 77 – 65 on board – 6 + 5 = 11 “

Flight 77 had 64 on board, not 65.
Flight 175, the second plane to hit the WTC, had 65 on board.

“The house where they believed to have lived had # 10001 “

What, not #11? How rude!

“New York City emergency is 911”

It is 911 all over the USA – with a few exceptions.

“The American Zip Code for NYC is 10001”

No, NYC has many zip codes. World Trade Center has 10048.

“11 Downing Street is where the Chancellor Exchequer tries to balance the economic state of the United Kingdom.”

The real action takes place in Downing Street 10. Close, but no cigar.

Numerology is the art of attaching significance to random numbers. It seems that sometimes numbers and letters are important, sometimes they are not. If they fit, they are important. If they don’t, they are not.

Confused? Just remember that this is all post-hoc reasoning – after it happened. If Uri Geller had come out before the attacks to warn us, he would have saved a lot of people.

He didn’t.