by Claus Larsen

The one thing Uri Geller is known for is his spoon-bending trick. Even though he has given it up, it still is his tour-de-force1 . No cutlery is safe, when Uri’s in town!

The following images is from a short video clip, where Uri Geller shows his skills to a small group of people. This video clip was part of a feature on the British TV show “Noel’s House Party”, 1996.

Geller starts off by gripping the spoon firmly and stroking it rather gently.

Note that the spoon will not bend where he strokes it – it bends exactly where he holds it.

Geller strokes the spoon with one or two fingers – giving the impression that he is really not touching it.
Here we see where Geller strokes the spoon. As we shall later see, it is not where the spoon bends.
Geller now tips the spoon, while he claims it is bending.
“I’m doing it with my mind”, he claims.

If he really is, why is he touching it with both hands?

Geller prepares to show how “much” the spoon has bent….
The spoon is not particularly bent….
But look what happens! Geller lets the woman sitting across grab the spoon…
…exactly where the spoon will be bent….
…does she bend it, just a little?
The woman holds it tight, while Geller also holds the spoon tight….
It’s a peculiar way of holding the spoon.
At any rate, it isn’t necessary for the woman to “help” Geller, because it’s time for the kill.
Right now, the spoon is not particularly bent, is it?
Notice how Geller moves his other hand…
…to grip the spoon…
One can ask why he suddenly holds the spoon with both hands…

His hands are gripping the spoon in a perfect way to bend it…

Compare the tendons in Geller’s hands….
…with this.
He is bending the spoon right here!
Everyone is in awe, and they should be, because Geller is bending the spoon right before their eyes.
In the process of standing up, it is very difficult to see just what happens to the spoon. We don’t notice it, because it goes so fast, and Geller has ample time to bend it.
It takes less a second…
The spoon is now bent. Geller lets a member of the audience check the spoon…
Showing the spoon, to ooohs and ahhhs!
When Geller got up from the chair, the spoon was not bent.

Now it is.

The full clip is available here: (3.4Mb)


When the video is analyzed, it is obvious what happens. There is nothing paranormal happening. Uri Geller is good at fooling people, but he isn’t doing things you can’t do. Note: It turns out he hasn’t. It is still a vital part of the same few, tired parlour tricks he is known for – and knows of.