by Claus Larsen

The story begins on February 19th, 1948, with the murder of Wilhelm Jacobsen, and his wife, Inger Margrethe Jacobsen, born Scheel, in their flat in Copenhagen, Denmark. Because the double-murder was never solved, there have been numerous myths and theories connected to the case, earning it a legendary status in Danish criminal history.

The simplest theory is probably the most likely: A common robbery gone horribly wrong. Perhaps even Inger Margrethe Jacobsen’s rumored lover, killing her and her husband, in a fit of jealousy. But as it often happens when it comes to unsolved murders, more wild theories have flourished, ranging from high-ranking police officers wanting to cover up their involvement with the black market, to Wilhelm Jacobsen being involved in espionage, perhaps with the Soviets, or the couple being executed by former members of the Danish Resistance Movement after being suspected of working together with the Nazi occupational forces a few years earlier.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Ole Hans Jensen and Britt Bartenbach

Two people, Ole Hans Jensen and Britt Bartenbach, have, after many years of research, and (self)publishing several books on the subject, come up with the real truth. And, as always, the truth is stranger than fiction.

According to Ole Hans Jensen and Britt Bartenbach, Wilhelm and Inger Margrethe Jacobsen weren’t murdered at all. Two dead bodies, closely resembling the couple, were placed in their apartment, while they were whisked away to a secret place. The reason for this incredible hoax was that the Jacobsens knew too much about the “Werewolves”, Nazi sympathizers who would continue the fight covertly, after the Third Reich had fallen, and so, they were in immediate danger of being assassinated. The couple was helped by a super-clandestine organization, code-named REX, which is the Secret Service for the European Royal Houses. Britt Bartenbach’s source for all this is quite unique for a historian: She dreamt the whole thing, and has since then believed she is psychic.

Helle Scheel Jacobsen.

Not only were the Jacobsens not killed in 1948, it also turned out they were not childless after all. They had an unknown daughter, Helle. A couple of years ago, Ole Hans Jensen and Britt Bartenbach started a search for the daughter via the Internet, and soon came in contact with Inga Hamilton, who was working for the Pentagon. She would inform them that, yes, she had known Helle, now known as Helle Scheel Jacobsen, when the two were undergoing training as intelligence agents at West Point Military Academy. Inga Hamilton also told about an “Aunt Jane”, which turned out to be a certain Jane Horney.

According to the official story, Jane Horney, a Swede by birth, was executed in late January, 1945, by the Danish Resistance Movement, because they believed she was a double-agent for the Nazis. Ole Hans Jensen and Britt Bartenbach know the real truth, of course: Jane Horney was not executed, but lived on to have a fantastic career, spanning from training Yassir Arafat in guerilla tactics in Palestine, August 1948, to later becoming Queen Elizabeth II’s close confidante, earning her a burial at Buckingham Palace, when she died in 2003.

Photo of Jane Horney in Palestine, 1948.

Inga Hamilton wasn’t the only link to the lost daughter. Through various other sources, e.g., an Italian by the name of Frode E. Bugie, an Argentinian travel agent, a photographer called Timo Y. Mentiras, and especially a person called Emmud Terret Tirbelo, Ole Hans Jensen and Britt Bartenbach finally managed to locate Helle Scheel Jacobsen, who, through her own website, had tried to get in contact with her parents, whom she had never known. Helle Scheel Jacobsen turned out to be the head of the Secret Service at the White House, Washington, covering four Presidents, from Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush, and is currently in charge of security of Al Gore.

The Truth Comes Out

Ole Hans Jensen and Britt Bartenbach presented this amazing evidence of a huge conspiracy on a late night show on National Danish TV on February 26th, 2007. They also revealed that, for their work, they would be awarded the US Congress Medal of Honor.

Before they agreed to appear on the show, they demanded that the show must be broadcast live, that no other guests would be in the studio (especially critics), and that they would not be presented with any surprise questions or items that would contradict what they said. That would turn out to be huge mistake.

Peter Wendelboe

As stated earlier, the truth is stranger than fiction. But not in this case. Because the whole conspiracy was concocted by former school teacher and current multimedia artist Peter Wendelboe, who, on learning that the couple would appear on the show, contacted the show’s producers, with the real story. Bound by the demand of the couple not to pose any critical questions, the host let them talk, but invited Peter Wendelboe to appear on the show the following evening. There, Peter Wendelboe revealed that the couple’s story of a hoax turned out to be a hoax itself. The people who had been so helpful in uncovering this fantastic plot had almost all been invented by Ole Hans Jensen and Britt Bartenbach, but made alive by Peter Wendelboe.

Where Helle Scheel Jacobsen’s
photo comes from.

Photo (faked) of Jane Horney
in Palestine, 1948.

The (fake) Congressional Medal of Honor.

Helle Scheel Jacobsen’s website was created by Peter Wendelboe. The photo of Helle Scheel Jacobsen was taken from a website for a German retirement home  . Helle Scheel Jacobsen herself doesn’t exist. Neither does Inga Hamilton, the Argentinian travel agent or any of the other people who had been so helpful in bringing this story to light. “Frode E. Bugie” is Italian for “Fraud and Lies”, “Timo Y. Mentiras” is Spanish for “Scam and Lying”, and “Emmud Terret Tirbelo” spelled backwards says “Ole Britt Are Pretty Stupid” in Danish. If we flip the photo of Jane Horney in Palestine, we discover that the Hebrew-looking text on the box to the left really says “HUMBUG”. Similarly, looking closer at the text on the Congressional medal awarded the two “historians”, we find that it says “A FAKE AND A HUGE ONE”.

All the fantastic evidence was created and fed, over several years, by Peter Wendelboe, to Ole Hans Jensen and Britt Bartenbach.


Enter Frode Bay Madsen. A former member of the Danish Resistance Movement (although no such evidence has ever emerged), he has claimed that he, completely on his own, had swum out and sunk a Nazi ship in the small harbor of Sæby, Denmark, by placing a bomb on the hull. Then, he, also singlehandedly, bombed a nearby factory in Sæby, which produced nuclear warheads for the Nazi V1 and V2 rockets. Ole Hans Jensen and Britt Bartenbach had previously used Frode Bay Madsen as a valuable source for their books, and this story was one of those which they had built their reputation on.

Peter Wendelboe had heard of these claims, but, after checking the archives, was unable to verify the existence of either the ship or the factory. The story simply didn’t hold water. Ole Hans Jensen and Britt Bartenbach did not appreciate this. To have one of their best sources for their wild conspiracy theories discredited by the harsh facts was not to their liking. Instead of accepting the historical facts (and that their treasured source was a phony), they started bad-mouthing Peter Wendelboe.

After having had to put up with the increasing attacks for a while, Peter Wendelboe, as a lark, suggested that the ship Frode Bay Madsen had purportedly sunk was called “Pufedorf”. It did sound German (“dorf” means “village”), but, in reality, was rather obvious: “Pufedorf” spelled backwards means “Frode Fup” – “Frode the Fake”. The crude joke, however, was completely lost on both Frode Bay Madsen, Ole Hans Jensen and Britt Bartenbach. Frode Bay Madsen declared that this was, indeed, the ship’s name, as well as the factory’s.

To his horror, Peter Wendelboe later found these completely false claims presented in Ole Hans Jensen and Britt Bartenbach’s next book as historical facts. To expose these pseudohistorians for what they really were, he then, with their incredible gullibility in mind, began creating the hoax-within-a-hoax that would take years, hundreds of emails and lots of faked identities and photos to perpetrate.

State of Denial

There are many more facets to this fantastic story. There is hardly a single dark power on Earth that wasn’t involved in this incredible story. Powerful men and women leading epic lives of excitement and danger. Politicians, actors, members of the royal families, shady figures from the Underworld. Unknown children of famous people sprung up everywhere. Life in the fast lane for the rich and powerful, with Ole Hans Jensen and Britt Bartenbach breathlessly unveiling every story.

The truly stunning part of this is that Ole Hans Jensen and Britt Bartenbach have been told, from the very beginning, that all of this was untrue. They were informed of the real meaning of “Timo Y. Mentiras” and the rest of the phony names all along. They were told that the medal was fake, and what the inscription meant. They were shown that the text on the fake Jane Horney photo said “HUMBUG”. Many other faked photos were fed to these two gullible pseudohistorians, all of them photoshopped so atrociously bad that not even a five year old would be fooled. The whole time, they were told in no uncertain terms that they were being hoaxed.

And yet, Ole Hans Jensen and Britt Bartenbach have maintained all along that this simply isn’t true. They have included all this fake evidence in their latest book. They believe firmly that their medal is real, that they are in contact with the real Helle Scheel Jacobsen, and that she is really in charge of security for Al Gore.  , Peter Wendelboe’s site (Danish only)

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