by Claus Larsen
Famed psychic Sylvia Browne claims to be doing 15-20 past-life regressions each day, and members of her staff also do past-life regressions. It would take a small army doing nothing but indexing these regressions and later verifying them. Who does this gargantuan work?

Who is doing the research?
Let us be conservative, and have Browne do just 15 regressions a day. That is at least 15 previous lives that need to be verified. Browne claims she has never had a subject who couldn’t remember at least one previous life. Each life would take from 1 to 5 hours to verify: Check the libraries, newspapers, history books, personnel files, any record that could prove that a recalled life really was true. If a recalled life happened outside the U.S., you would face bigger problems when doing the research, but let’s be generous and assume that they are all available within the U.S. Go back, type it, file it. Let us say 3 hours on average.

That requires 3 hours * 15 lives = 45 hours of research. Every day. A work-year is about 250 days, so we are looking at a workload of 45 hours * 250 days = 11250 man-hours. Given a 35 hour work-week (about 2,000 hours each year), Browne will need at least 5 full-time researchers to verify her readings.

Conservatively speaking.

Out goes the money, in comes the money.
This work is presumably paid for, and a good researcher doesn’t work for minimum wage. Is it fair to pay a good researcher $15 an hour? At 11250 hours of research for Browne’s sessions, that will cost more than $150,000 a year to check the found lives.

Multiply that with each member of her staff that also does 15 regressions a day. For each staff member doing regressions, we need an additional 5 full-time researchers, if each hypnotized subject tells of just one previous life. Most subjects can remember more than one life, though.

It isn’t as if Browne runs up a huge deficit, though: Her sessions alone rakes in more than $2,5 million a year. But money isn’t the issue here: Her research staff is huge. It must be: If she and 9 other members do readings, we are talking about at least 50 researchers. If 20 more people do readings, the number rises to (30*5) 150 researchers.

You do the math.

If each “regressionist” requires at least 5 full-time researchers, I doubt there are many unemployed researchers in California. And the libraries must be sick of all those people sitting there all day, doing nothing but research…

How does Browne find the time to do 15 sessions a day? With her busy schedule of media appearances, co-writing books, going on tours, travelling, the talk-show circuit, interviews, as well as running a church, anyone would find it difficult to find time for more than just a couple of sessions. Especially if you have a family to see, just once in a while.

The price for verification seems incredibly high.

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