by Claus Larsen

How well do astrologers agree?

One of the more amusing aspects of an astrologer’s life is to predict who will be suitable as a partner for the client. This can be done in seconds: Merely compare the two persons’ astrological signs and you have the answer. There are many astrologers who advocate this procedure, often very famous ones, so you would think that it really works. Hey, Astrologer X wouldn’t be successful if it didn’t work, right?


Given the history of astrologers and how they cannot seem to agree on anything, it might be wise to check if they agree at least on this simple test.

So let’s compare…

I have found seven compatibility charts. The first three charts are from the Danish book “Best of All Worlds”, by Dan Frederiksen and Lars Peter Jepsen, the last four are from Terence Hines’ book “Pseudoscience and the Paranormal”.


As we can see, there doesn’t seem to be much consensus on which sign is the best for you. If we accumulate the data, we get a chart like this:

The number indicates how many were in disagreement. Red (0) indicates that all seven agreed, and White (3) indicates that 3 had one opinion, while the 4 others had another. In other words, the deeper red, the more agreement.

The result

How many out of the 144 datapoints (each of the 12 signs compared to all 12 signs) do the seven astrologers agree on?

A paltry 31, which means that they only agreed 21.5% of the time. However, there were no less than 47 points where they were completely divided, 3 against 4. That’s 32.6%, almost one in three!

So, a third of the time, the advice you will get from your astrologer will be completely random. Only in one in five cases, you will be “certain”. Astrologers disagree far more than they agree.

Can you actually depend on these 21.5%? No. Astrologers cannot claim agreement on these, unless they explain why they disagree so thoroughly on every other combination. You cannot merely choose what seems to work, and then ignore what doesn’t.

If astrologers cannot even agree on something simple as which signs are compatible, how can we then expect them to tell us more complicated things about our lives and future?

Ask your astrologer about this. And listen very closely!