by Claus Larsen

Everywhere, Anytime?

Astral projections, Remote Viewing and other similar paranormal phenomena basically means one thing: You leave your body to go elsewhere. Some claim to be able to do this on demand, and go wherever whenever, regardless of time and space. Nobody can deliver any evidence, of course.

I will not delve deep into the explanations of the various types of Out-Of-Body Experiences (OOBE) here. However, I would like to point out a few disturbing consequences of these phenomena, should the claimants be able to do what they claim. Some consequences are fantastic, some are horrifying.

The Consequences

  • It will solve every crime ever committed.
    A good OOBE’er can just go to the scene of the crime, observe what happened and report back to the authorities. We will not have any need for a judicial system, as no other proof is needed. Just send the jury back to see what really happened. Anyway, crime will be unheard of, since every crook will inevitably be found. So why don’t Remote Viewers solve real crimes?
  • It will be the end of all privacy.
    If somebody can see anything that ever happened to anybody, nothing is kept secret or private anymore. Everybody’s dirty laundry will be public property. Any repressive state will not hesitate to use this ability to control the citizens. They, in turn, would keep the state in check.
  • It will be the end of the Secret Service.
    If a private citizen can just go to the Pentagon and see what is going on there, nothing can be kept secret. Of course, the CIA would be the first to employ this feature: No need for spies, you can sit on your porch in San Antonio, sipping a Coke, and look the enemy over the shoulder in Moscow. He would do the same thing, of course.
  • It will destroy the phone companies, TV, movie theatres and Blockbuster.
    Why call someone, when you can just go there in no time – and even visit your loved ones at an earlier age? Or go see Star Wars, at the time it first came out. Again and again. No need to buy tickets or rent the movie.
  • Historians will write the final account of mankind.
    Just zap through time and space. Get an eye-witness account of the Declaration of Independence. Look up Marilyn Monroe and ask her if she really slept with both John and Robert. Oh, and don’t forget to be with O.J. Simpson on that fateful day – we could have been spared that scandalous trial, as well as a lot of bad TV!


These are just a few of the earth-shattering consequences we would live with, provided the believers in OOBE’s were right. Since we still have spies, unsolved crime and phone companies, these claims are probably not based in reality.

There is one aspect that really needs attention and that is finding missing children. If a paranormal ability has ever been of any use, this must be one of the top candidates. We have seen time and again wild claims from many Remote Viewers, but nobody has ever been able to locate one single body – dead or alive.

Forget the publicity. Forget the book deals. Forget scientific evidence. Just find one missing child. Can Remote Viewers do this?