by Claus Larsen

Astrologers have a hard time explaining what really is making astrology “work”. Most claim it is gravity, based on the old analogy of the Moon causing the tides: If the Moon can cause the waters on Earth to move, then why not the water in our bodies? After all, we consist of about 70% water, so it follows that the Moon has a similar effect on us. So should the rest of the planets, the logic goes.

Isaac, the stage is yours!

How much of a pull is this anyway? It is fairly easy to calculate the exact force any planet exerts on us. We only need to know Newton’s law of Gravity that states:

We need the distance and mass of two objects to find the gravitational pull between them.

Object Mass(kg)
Mercury 330.
Venus 4.869.
Moon 73.500.
Mars 641.900.
Jupiter 1.898.600.
Saturn 568.500.
Uranus 86.830.
Neptune 102.430.
Pluto 12.500.
Person 100
Car 1.000
Distance from Earth (you)
Object Distance(m)
Mercury 91.700.000.000
Venus 41.400.000.000
Moon 385.000.000
Mars 78.300.000.000
Jupiter 628.700.000.000
Saturn 1.277.400.000.000
Uranus 2.720.000.000.000
Neptune 4.347.000.000.000
Pluto 5.763.900.000.000
Person 1
Car 1
Using the equation, a person is influenced this much by:
Gravitational pull from: Newton(N)
Mercury 0.000000261917328
Venus 0.00001894806763
Moon 0.003307438017
Mars 0.0000006983444492
Jupiter 0.00003203851586
Saturn 0.000002323819969
Uranus 0.00000007828126352
Neptune 0.00000003615544625
Pluto 0.000000000002509591137
Person 0.000000667
Car 0.00000667

As we can see, the pull from the planets is very weak. In fact, most of the pull comes from objects very close to us. Your car pulls at you 10 times more than Mars does. But you wouldn’t include your car in your horoscope, would you?


If astrology “works” at all – and nothing points in that direction – it sure isn’t because of gravity.

The water in human bodies shows no sign of tidal behaviour. This is because tides are caused by the change in gravity over distance. The Earth’s diameter is big, and the gravity from the Moon changes across the Earth’s diameter. But people are tiny compared to the distance to the Moon. The change in gravity from the Moon of our head and our feet is incredibly small, so there are no appreciable tides across a human being.

But if you are afraid of upcoming bad astrological effects, just stand on your head and reverse the effect! And if you are worried about the Moon pulling at you, just remember that people on the other side of Earth are pulled in the opposite direction!