by Claus Larsen

The other night, as I was playing with my camera in a room in my old house, I felt like creating a couple of fake ghost photos. It was extremely easy to do, with the following props:

  • A stool
  • A book
  • A couple of incense sticks

The reason I had often felt a chill in that room was because the window was open during the winter. The previous owner died peacefully at the hospital.

A camera does not work like the human eye. It can capture things we don’t see or notice at the time we take the picture. It is very easy to be fooled.

Orbs – dusting off the evidence

Another common feature of “ghost photography” is the so-called “orbs”. These ball-like objects seem to appear out of nowhere, are never visible when the picture is taken and seem to be able to float in the air.

Well, Emily came by one day and found that swiffing the floor was fun. This rather frantic activity apparently prompted a spirit to emerge in the form of a nice orb.

Or, as they are more commonly known, “dust particles very close to the camera.”


We should not jump to conclusions that paranormal phenomena have occurred, if we can explain what happened by normal means.

Never underestimate people’s capabilities for deceit. Never underestimate people’s incapabilities to understand the world around them.