by Claus Larsen

Robert Zoller is the self-proclaimed “world’s leading proponent of Western Predictive Astrology also known as Medieval Astrology.” Among his feats, he claims to have predicted the events on 9-11 no less than twelve months in advance.

Better look into that one!

From his newsletter:  


A monthly Newsletter from Robert Zoller August, 2000

Nuntius is a 4-page newsletter containing mundane astrological forecasts and brief articles on medieval philosophy and modern occultism.

Timely remarks-

By the time you get this the August 1999 eclipse will have been in effect for a full 12 months. We still have another 18 to go, taking us through to February 2002. We have also had the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction last May and come September will find the third influence of some power coming into play.

The 1999 eclipse apparently has an effect that lasts 30 months. That’s a very long time for things to happen! And how did we get to that number?

” From September we are entering a period of increased danger to us in the West. In an earlier Nuntius I said that there is an increasing threat to the US citizens and this is particularly so on the Eastern sea boarder. I have also said that this threat is linked not so much to a new boldness in terrorist planning but more to US incompetence. At that time I couched those remarks as being non-astrological so as to play down the warning but I say again as was said in the July Nuntius if the US does not cease acting incompetently, it will invite the depredations of adventurers such as Osama bin Laden and Saddam. This is a wake up call. Our way of life and cultural values (& our lives) are at stake. “

Zoller backtracks: He says that originally, he didn’t claim the danger was astrological, but he seems to imply that it really was. He just didn’t want to scare people.

How nice of him.

The “threat” is not specified, except that it could happen on the US East Coast. That’s 3330 km (2069 miles), and he’s not even sure!

Zoller also claims that it will not be the boldness of terrorists but the incompetence of the US. Whether the US was incompetent is a good question, but I doubt there are anyone who will claim that the attacks on 9-11 were not “bold”.

Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein were already at that time the two most likely suspects for a major terrorist attack on the US.

“As the next 12 months unfold we will see increased tension in those countries that fell under the path of the August 1999 eclipse but after the end of August 2001 this will take on a new twist and it will be the last 6 months of the eclipse effect that will be the worse.”

The countries who “fell under the path” were:

  • England
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Slovenia
  • Hungary
  • Yugoslavia
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Turkey
  • Syria
  • Iraq
  • Iran
  • Pakistan
  • India

Source: Total Solar Eclipse of 1999 August 11 – Path Description  

“Increased tension” is hard to determine. However, the eclipse did not touch American soil at all.

The “eclipse effect” will be the worst for the period from September 2001 to February 2002. Not very precise either.

“After September 2001 when the first big crisis will have hit the US we will never be the same again. By the following February 2002 the real game plan will have become obvious to us and though it may not then be part of public consciousness we can expect to see our external enemies expand as they are supported by China though they will remain hidden from view until it is time to strike. This is the Sino/Islamic alliance.”

Zoller is not saying that the first big crisis will happen in September 2001. He is saying that it will happen in the 6 months from September 2001 to February 2002. He is not even sure that this event will become big enough to be “part of public consciousness” – which we can say with utter certainty that the attacks on 9-11 did!

The Al-Qaeda is not – as far as we know – supported by China. There seems to be no “Sino/Islamic alliance”.

Zoller then proceeds to create a lot of astrological excuses and mumbo-jumbo that has no relevance whatsoever.


Zoller did not predict 9-11 in any way. What he pointed to was a possible attack on the US, perhaps the East Coast, and within a 6-months timeframe.

Anyone reading the newspapers could have done the same.

He got the “Sino/Islamic alliance” wrong. He predicted “increased tension” in all the countries that fell under the eclipse, but that consists of no less than 17 countries, some of which can be sure to experience “increased tension”. India and Pakistan are two countries that almost always suffer from “increased tension”. In fact, whenever Zoller was precise, he was wrong. Whenever he was waffling, he now claims accuracy.

Yet, he doesn’t even mention the nature of the attack at all: What would be attacked and how. He’s not even sure where it will happen.

The most severe argument against Robert Zoller predicting the events on 9-11 is that he did nothing to prevent the attack. Even though he himself states that “Predictions must be clear and unambiguous. They must convey practical advice that can be acted upon”, Zoller did not act upon this knowledge he gleaned from the stars.

Did Robert Zoller alert the CIA or the United Nations? Was his evidence strong enough to convince the President of the United States to take action? Was Secretary-General Kofi Annan informed? What about the Security Council? Or even the tabloids?

The dirty question is, that if Robert Zoller really knew what would happen, why were 3.000 people pulverized? Link to claim