Beware the spinal trap

Beware the spinal trap

On 19 April 2008, Singh wrote an article in the UK based newspaper The Guardian, which resulted in him being sued for libel by the British Chiropractic Association. Fortunately, Simon Singh is fighting this, with the help of an increasing number of supporters. Many have reprinted the article, and SkepticReport is one of them.

How intelligent is the average IQ test designer?

This article is an adaptation from a Danish article published in the on-line magazine Para-nyt (Para News), the website of the Danish skeptics. It was mainly inspired by the controversy surrounding the Danish IQ psychologist Helmuth Nyborg, an admirer of Jensen, Herrnstein and Murray. Every two or three years Nyborg appears in the Danish media with his sensational ideas, only to disappear again and be forgotten. There may be good reasons for that.

IQ: The democratically purified racism

After the ideas in the book The Bell Curve were thoroughly debunked a couple of years ago, almost everybody seems to agree that even if black people considered as a group may be less intelligent than the rest of humanity, the genes are not to blame! The most recent publications used as textbooks declare that the average score of these children is by no means inferior – as you would expect if ‘black genes’ were dumber than other people’s genes.

PSI-TECH: Not so Smart

by Claus Larsen This is a grisly tale. It will not please many people. It is a story about an abducted girl, a family in grief and fear and a bunch of vultures, who prey on parents with a missing child, while marketing their own, bogus claims of being able to find dead bodies. The tale...