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Astrology and prejudice

1st Apr, 2007

Is Astrology really so harmless? Or is it comparable to the worst prejudice imaginable? Take a closer look.

Astrology loses…again

1st Aug, 2004

In the Euro 2004 soccer championship, two Danish astrologers tried their luck in predicting the outcome of the matches. Based on the thousands of years of experience, it should be a relatively easy task to determine such a binary result. Alas, it turned out to be yet another astrological failure of cataclysmic proportions.

Isaac Newton: Witness for the defence or for the prosecution?

1st Jul, 2004

Astrologers often point to Newton as someone who, while being a scientist, also believed in Astrology. As usual when it comes to astrological claims, the truth is somewhat different.

A royal wedding littered with celestial failures

1st Jun, 2004

On May 14th 2004 we finally saw the Danish Crown Prince Frederik married with Australian Mary Elizabeth Donaldson, under heavy media coverage, from newspapers, the weekly magazines, radio, TV – and astrologers. Countless articles about how the couple’s horoscopes foretell what will happen in the royal circles have popped up like mushrooms. But what about the royal predictions the astrologers have pelted us with in the years before this? Here is a royal bouquet.

Sun sign (in)compatibility

1st Aug, 2003

One of the more amusing aspects of an astrologer’s life is to predict who will be suitable as a partner for the client. This can be done in seconds: Merely compare the two persons’ astrological signs and you have the answer. There are many astrologers who advocate this procedure, often very famous ones, so you would think that it really works. Hey, Astrologer X wouldn’t be successful if it didn’t work, right? Wrong.

Gravity it ain’t…

1st Feb, 2003

Astrologers have a hard time explaining what really is making astrology “work”. Most claim it is gravity, based on the old analogy of the Moon causing the tides: If the Moon can cause the waters on Earth to move, then why not the water in our bodies? After all, we consist of about 70% water, so it follows that the Moon has a similar effect on us. So should the rest of the planets, the logic goes. How much of a pull is this anyway?

Did Robert Zoller predict 9-11?

1st Feb, 2003

Robert Zoller is the self-proclaimed “world’s leading proponent of Western Predictive Astrology also known as Medieval Astrology.” Among his feats, he claims to have predicted the events on 9-11 no less than twelve months in advance. Better look into that one.

Readings From A Chatroom

1st Jan, 2003

Three astrologers are tested, with the expected result.

Time is not on Astrology's side

1st Dec, 2002

One thing immediately strikes the student of Astrology: The predominant feature is confusion. No consensus seems to be achievable on just how Astrology works. Sure, it’s the planets that “”influence”” us humans here on Earth, but that’s about where the agreement ends. And when we look at the basic piece of data that all Astrology centers around – the time you were born – it turns out that it isn’t as simple as one might have hoped.

Lion in the sky…or…?

1st Dec, 2002

Next time you meet an astrologer, ask what sign E.T. is. A Leo, a Spronx or a Zqlot?