The 29 arguments for reincarnation

by Raymond Gavel

I have spent the past year searching for evidence supportive of reincarnation, something that would be considered ‘scientific’, and that would establish, once and for all, that reincarnation happens as claimed. Specifically, I’m looking for the answers to two questions:

  1. What causes reincarnation?
  2. What verifiable scientific evidence is available to prove reincarnation?

In that year I’ve searched through books, journals, magazines, and websites, but I still haven’t found that elusive evidence that believers keep assuring me is there.

Nearly every written account concerning reincarnation includes the name of Dr. Ian Stevenson, a dedicated and long-time reincarnation researcher. A search of ‘Ian Stevenson’ on Google turned up what I hoped would be the motherlode of evidence for reincarnation–a website entitled ‘Scientific Evidence of Reincarnation’. After pouring over the written material on the website and not finding the evidence I sought, I posted the following request to the message forum at that same website:

Message title: Scientific Evidence for Reincarnation
Message text: I’ve been checking out some reincarnation sources (books) and have yet to find any scientific proof that reincarnation even exists. Can anyone provide some sources to help me in my search?

The replies generated by that post number over 100, a few of them urging me to read specific books, but none contained any verifiable scientific evidence to support reincarnation. This shouldn’t be surprising as none of the sources I’ve checked contain any verifiable evidence. Instead, promoters of the reincarnation hypothesis offer arguments, opinions, excuses, and statements, in the hopes that I’ll accept reincarnation as valid. Below I provide some of the actual excuses used as reasons to believe in reincarnation.

Excuse/Argument # 1:
It’s reasonable to believe something is true until we discover it’s not.

“First of all, Dr. Stevenson’s work is enough to convince anyone fair-minded. If you can’t accept it as proof beyond a reasonable doubt, there’s something blocking you, something irrational.” (CPLF)

“First of all, you’re your own proof of reincarnation. It’s just a matter of time, in this incarnation or a subsequent one, as to your having experiences that convince you.” (CPLF)

“I cannot prove reincarnation, but I am satisfied that it is a reasonable thing to believe.” (CPLF)

“…for the results and effectiveness of present and pastlife regressiontherapy it is NOT important to belief in reincarnation.” (CPLF)

“I think that Stevenson’s (and others’) research proves, with reasonable scientific certainty, that some people recall other deceased person’s past lives.” (CPLF)

“…the search for evidence is pointless because regardless of the evidence you cannot be convinced of something you believe a priori to be unreasonable.” (CPLF)

“Perhaps what you need is not more evidence, but an alternative metaphysical paradigm that will allow you to accept that reincarnation is a reasonable thing to believe.” (CPLF)

“…it is a reasonable thing to believe until such time as we know for sure.” (CPLF)

“In science there is no “proof”, only evidence for or against proposed theories. “Proof” is a concept that belongs exclusively to mathematics, geometry, logic, and other abstract branches of study.” (CPLF)

“There is always enough evidence to satisfy those who are willing to believe and never enough evidence to sway one who is not willing to believe.” (CPLF)

“Most people seem to accept it without questioning.” (CPLF)

“Is it so difficult to believe that a creative spirit, inhibited in artistic endeavors in her earthly life would find a way to express that creativity 300 years later, perhaps in another body? Yes, but some of us might believe that! Anything is possible.” (CPLF)

“We are burdened by skepticism. Reason does have its limits. Great limits.” (CPLF)

“Reincarnation is an important tenet of the Druze religion.” (JSE)

Excuse/Argument # 2:
There is no standard by which to measure evidence.

“There is no objective standard by which “convincing-ness” of the evidence can be measured.” (CPLF)

“Each individual has to study the evidence for themselves and test the strength of that evidence against the strength of their own preconceived notions.” (CPLF)

“Never allow another person to tell you what is or is not convincing evidence. Only you can test the strength of the evidence against the strength of your own preconceptions.” (CPLF)

“Evidence will be drawn from empirical research, medical assessment, spiritual wisdom, metaphysical investigation, historical record, mystical perception, and wide-ranging contemporary experience.” (CFR)

Excuse/Argument # 3:
Science doesn’t apply equally to paranormal claims

– Paranormal claims are ridiculed as are the scientists who forward the claims. It’s not fair.

“I have seen quite a number of people treated shabbily by institutional science, starting with Velikovski.” (CPLF)

“One reason the disbelievers maintain the upper hand is that the arguments of the parapsychologists are so easily ridiculed.” (CPLF)

Excuse/Argument # 4:
Mainstream science is conspiratory, evil, and controls paranormal information.

“Establishment scientists inflict their work on the rest of us without our permission.” (CPLF)

“The Renaissance was aborted by Descartes, the egghead, and by a cold museum science that analyzes, reasons, kills and dissects. It will go on and on, this abortion and defeat… the time has come to empower a fresh imagination.” (PFM)

“But being scientists they must hide what they believe from the public and from each other at the risk of having their entire career ruined by the mud-slingers.” (CPLF)

“My views expressed here, including experiences I have outlined here offend establishment science.” (CPLF)

“I don’t want science to limit what I know.” (CPLF)

“The more unconventional the idea the more firmly is it resisted, regardless of the evidence.” (CPLF)

“The problem with reincarnation is not that it merely defies some other accepted theory, but that it denies the underlying paradigm upon which all of science is built, i.e. materialistic monism.” (CPLF)

“But the institution itself [science] is very corrupt.” (CPLF)

“Science created the overpopulation problem by curing pandemic diseases of the young.” (CPLF)

“Science creates a problem and leaves the solution to the likes of Popes and Mullahs.Their reliance on long dead saviours and prophets dooms us.” (CPLF)

“Mainline science controls the money and the employment. The last thing they want is outside challenge, even on their terms.” (CPLF)

“There is a very strong and emotional opposition to the PSI hypothesis that has nothing whatsoever to do with evidence.” (CPLF)

“I could have written the results in a professional journal form…. but… scientific techniques distort the reality of the human search for new knowledge and understanding.” (RPL)

“Most all professional scientists risk their livelihood if they were to agree about the existence of paranormal phenomenon.” (CPLF)

Excuse/Argument # 5:
Anecdotal evidence is sufficient proof.

“I was also told by spiritual entities that Atlantis existed, and that in fact I lived a life there (of course this is questionable).” (CPLF)

“…all scientific evidence is anecdotal to those who have not personally replicated it first hand, and all reincarnation evidence is anecdotal to those who have not experienced it first hand.” (CPLF)

“A further
note on anecdotal evidence: All evidence is anecdotal.” (CPLF)

“Science has powers that be that convert theories into axioms based on anecdotal evidence.” (CPLF)

Excuse/Argument # 6:
We know what we saw (heard, felt)…

“I accept reincarnation because of my own early childhood memories.” (CPLF)

“…ESP can indeed take place…. All of us occasionally have glimpses of the future.” (RPL)

“It does not take me to have to read what others have written to reach my conclusions, but from what I have personally experienced.” (CPLF)

“I had a waking vision…” (CPLF)

“I do know precognition exists.” (CPLF)

“Anyway, you’ll believe it when you experience it…” (CPLF)

“Past lives are an undisputed fact to me because I remember having lived before.” (CPLF)

“…I have all the evidence I need. A person I knew for thirty-five years died and came back to me in little less than two years…” (CPLF)

Excuse/Argument # 7:
Science can’t prove we’re wrong.

“…science can’t PROVE anything other than what it’s allowed itself to prove.” (CPLF)

“When a person has a vision, or claims to be psychic? Can you scientifically prove that they are?” (CPLF)

“Can you TRULY PROVE that God exists, by scientific standards?” (CPLF)

“…can you PROVE deja vu as real or not?” (CPLF)

“And coincidences? Are those just a person’s imagination?” (CPLF)

“Most importantly though, can you prove that any of these things, including reincarnation, are NOT real?” (CPLF)

” If they are Muslims, they will say God did it. If they’re Hindu or Buddhist, they’ll attribute it to Karma.” (OMI)

Excuse/Argument # 8:
There’s a large quantity of evidence to support paranormal phenomena.

“I think that Stevenson’s (and others’) research proves, with reasonable scientific certainty, that some people recall other deceased person’s past lives.” (CPLF)

[The Bridey Murphy case is an] “accumulation of minor verifications.” (CFR)

“To searchers for truth, however, neither likes nor dislikes are a legitimate basis for accepting or rejecting reincarnation. “What are the facts?” they will say. Is there any hard-core evidence supporting the many-lives theory? Yes, there is – not final proofs, but evidence, volumes of it.” (NHS)

[Dr. Stevenson’s] “meticulous and extended investigations … painstakingly and unemotionally collected a detailed series of cases … a large amount of data that cannot be ignored.” (NHS)

“If you want evidence of reincarnation you can look at the careful studies of Dr. Steveson, Dr. Weiss, Dr. Whitton and many others.” (CPLF)

“If you want evidence that prayer helps healing you can look to the careful studies of Dr. Dossey, Dr. Siegal, and many others.” (CPLF)

“If you want evidence that ESP works you can look at the careful studies of Dr. Radin, Dr. Rhine, Dr. Honorton, Dr. Braud, Dr. Parker, Dr. Utts, and many others.” (CPLF)

“If you want evidence of the consistency of near death experiences you can look to the studies of Dr. Moody, Dr. Morse, and many others.” (CPLF)

“This is an empirical study. It does not prove reincarnation. However, it augments other studies.” (CPLF)

“In the end, the extant body of work demonstrates reincarnation is a fact.” (CPLF)

“…it [this book] presents an extraordinary weight of testimony on the subject, showing what distinguished thinkers of the past have thought and said…” (PFM)

“The body of evidence on reincarnation is very evident. I doubt anything will meet your criteria.” (CPLF)

“They provide instead a body of evidence suggestive of reincarnation that appears to be accumulating in amount and quality.” (CFR)

Excuse/Argument # 9:
The quality of evidence in parapsychology is as good as that in other scientific fields.

“…the strength of the evidence collected… is certainly as strong or stronger than evidence that could be presented in a court of law.” (CPLF)

“The results have been replicated, and in fact, the same results were obtained by other researchers before Dr. Stevenson entered the field.” (CPLF)

“…the evidence in favor of ESP is over 100 times more significant, mathematically, and yet mainstream science finds the ESP evidence “unconvincing.” (CPLF)

“But, as regards Dr. Stevenson’s work, I think it’s strong enough to convince any objective, rational person. If it doesn’t convince someone, they’re not being objective.” (CPLF)

“The man’s professional credentials are beyond question, his integrity should be beyond question, and his results are too strong to be dismissed. But, his case involved the use of hypnosis and he did not use the scientific method.” (CPLF)

“…the Patience Worth case stands alone in my opinion as the best evidence of non-physical existence of the human spirit.” (CPLF)

Excuse/Argument # 10:
You can’t prove paranormal phenomena contradict all known natural laws.

“Granted, these speculations have no direct supporting evidence, however the fact that logically consistent alternatives exist which do not violate any laws of physical reality at least shows that adherence to physical law is theoretically not a limiting factor for non-physical phenomena.” (CPLF)

“So far nobody has given me one example of a law of nature that is violated by things like ESP, the soul, and reincarnation. What they violate is the materialistic paradigm, but they do not violate any law of nature.” (CPLF)

Excuse/Argument # 11:
Have you not heard?

[Physicist Brian Josephson] “has staked his enormous scientific reputation on the possibility that he can gain insights into objective reality by practicing traditional Eastern meditational techniques.” (NHS)

“Have you not read of cases where someone was pronounced dead for minutes or hours and then was revived in the hospital?” (CPLF)

“The Tolstecs had a legend of a “god” who hade come from the East (!!!???), who wore white cloaks and had white hair and beard (not the physical features of the Tolstecs) who taught them how to cultivate corn and tinge clothes. The legend says he left on a “ship” (!!!???) and that his heart became the morning star.” (CPLF)

“Reincarnation literature is full of conclusions that people come back in large groups. That you look alike within sexual and racial features. That your handwriting is similar.” (CPLF)

“Charles Darwin came up with a testable and falsifiable theory of biological evolution without having a handle on the things that actually are doing this evolving: the genes. Genes and chromosomes were unknown in the mid-1800s. Even so, he understood and articulated the process and the results of evolution.” (CPLF)

“In the book “The Search for Grace” Bruce Goldberg describes a similar case. The subject had some spontaneous recall and went to a therapist to determine the cause. Under hypnosis, the subject described being murdered in a past life in another town. Some of t
he details included the exact street address where she had lived in this past life. The details were verified by researchers who visited this other town (where the subject had never been in this life).” (CPLF)

“The Bruce Kelly case has been shown on “Unsolved Mysteries.” (CPLF)

Excuse/Argument # 12:
Believers base their views and judgments on faith and belief, not evidence.

“…if I believe in reincarnation then it exists for me, and if you don’t believe in it then it doesn’t exist for you.” (CPLF)

“Based on personal experience, observation, analysis and intelligence, we reach our own conclusions, and decide whether we should believe or not. This process is also referred to as “faith”.” (CPLF)

“In the end, you will still be a skeptic and we will still believe in reincarnation.” (CPLF)

“I believe that the Patience Worth material is outstanding evidence of something unique, and unexplainable within current paradigms.” (CPLF)

“Finding the answer requires you have the opinion that the mind survives death.” (CPLF)

“You cannot prove to a blind man that the color red exists. But we don’t feel we have to prove the existence of red because enough people can see it for themselves to know it exists.” (CPLF)

Excuse/Argument # 13:
Science is not the only reliable method.

“Whether science says so, or not, changes nothing. Science is only one method of studying externally observable phenomena. Science works within a self-imposed set of limits. What is within those limits, science studies. What is outside, science has nothing to say about.” (CPLF)

“Besides science, I count on mental processes such as logic and intuition for knowledge.” (CPLF)

“It is those who believe that everything must be proven by the methods of science or else it is false that need to adjust their attitude.” (CPLF)

Excuse/Argument # 14:
Science doesn’t have all the answers.

“Despite the popular misconception that science has all the answers, science does not address everything, nor is it trying to. Science is excellent in what it is doing, but it does not answer all questions. The question whether we reincarnate is one of those questions.” (CPLF)

“Scientists… have been wrong in so many ways.” (PFM)

“…if you want to satisfy your curiosity about whether we reincarnate, do not look to science for answers, look to philosophy.” (CPLF)

“The way I see it, it is a sad and an inadequate way to live thinking that science has or will have answers to all the issues of life.” (CPLF)

“Science is NOT about explaining anything, and never really has been.” (CPLF)

Excuse/Argument # 15:
Reality is what we create for ourselves.

“Each person must convince himself or herself of his or her own reality.” (CPLF)

“Perhaps we all live in a world that we create ourselves.” (CPLF)

Excuse/Argument # 16: Most scientists are inflexible in their thinking about paranormal phenomena.

“…scientifically minded people …tend to dismiss all theories of immortality as products of wishful thinking.” (PFM)

“I work with hard science guy’s everyday. Their inelastic brains are fun to toy with.” (CPLF)

“Establishment science will not admit the existence of precognition.” (CPLF)

Excuse/Argument # 17:
If we wait long enough science will prove us right.

“…the life force automatically goes to a newly conceived embryo of some animal. How it “knows” to do this, or by what process it seeks out and finds a new embryo, is unknown at this time.” (CPLF)

“Scientific proof of reincarnation… is no more than fifteen years away.” (CFR)

“My conclusion is that what we refer to as “spirit” is an indestructible form of energy that is so subtle that we still do not have the means to recognize it.” (CPLF)

“I believe that in time , this one case will be a landmark example of, if not reincarnation, then something miraculous hidden in the mind of all human beings.” (CPLF)

“…you would like for someone to be able to capture the anima or life force or consciousness as it enters the embryo or the fetus, or at least measure it and be able to pinpoint the time when it takes place as well as the way in which it takes place. Scientific research isn’t there yet.” (CPLF)

“So of course we don’t have all the answers yet. I used Charles Darwin as an example earlier. He didn’t have all the answers yet either when he came up with his theory of biological evolution. He could see the process of speciation but he could not put his finger on that which was at the heart of the matter: the genes. Neither could any other scientists … at that time.” (CPLF)

“We are in the same position as the astronomers of a hundred years ago or so who insisted that the idea of rocks falling to earth from outer space was preposterous and flat impossible. The evidence was sporadic, unpredictable, not replicable, and always anecdotal, and mainstream science denied the reality of the phenomenon.” (CPLF)

“But some day every science book that had anything to say in opposition to the soul and reincarnation will quietly disappear from the shelves as tomorrow’s mainstream science pretends that it invented the whole concept in the first place.” (CPLF)

Excuse/Argument # 18:
Science has many unreplicated theories, just like our paranormal claim.

“Have you, sir scientist, travelled a light year into the milky way, in a double blind test?” (CPLF)

“The sun is approximately 93 million miles away. Have you personally made this measurement? If not then this fact is to you anecdotal.” (CPLF)

“If a scientist has never traveled one million light years away (or whatever someone else’s example was) then how can he PROVE anything about it?” (CPLF)

“Do Newton’s Laws work at the sub atomic level?” (CPLF)

“What does the universe expand into? Can it be proven?” (CPLF)

“At this point, reincarnation is generally thought to be outside of science.” (CPLF)

“It would be the same as managing to recognize what form of energy “thought” is. No one can detect or determine what kind of energy it might be, but there can be no doubt of its existence.” (CPLF)

“If we accept either dualism or transcendental monism as our paradigm (and neither of these has ever been shown to be impossible) then this essence is not part of the physical component of existence and is most definitely not energy, but information.” (CPLF)

Excuse/Argument # 19:
Miracles prove that we don’t know everything about science and anatomy.

“…I attribute her cure solely to the healing effect of the water and the deity who consecrated it.” (CPLF)

Excuse/Argument # 20:
The quantum quandary – quantum theory equates to paranormal powers.

“It would seem that our answer to all this mind stuff might come from a study of subatomic particles and quantum theory. The behavior of subatomic particles in controlled laboratory experiments in Europe ov
er the past several years suggests a similarity to the phenomenon of ESP and other processes.” (CPLF)

“During the past four decades I saw the possibility of unifying a number of disparate physical phenomenon into an integral whole along the lines I indicated.” (CPLF)

Excuse/Argument # 21:
The fear/superiority excuse.

“The injustices of this life should somehow be eventually redressed.” (PFM)

“As for sceptics, Dr Newton quotes Hypnotherapist Dr Bruce Goldberg, “If you don’t believe in Karma or reincarnation, don’t worry. Probably you will in your next life.” (CPLF)

“I pity the person who chooses to live in this fashion. For me life would not be worth living with such artificial constraints on knowledge.” (CPLF)

Excuse/Argument # 22:
The intangibles.

“Can we measure happiness, grief, pain, excitement, etc? Or, are these things also not real because we can’t measure them?” (CPLF)

Excuse/Argument # 23:
There is no skeptical explanation for Near Death Experiences.

“Well, I had two NDE’s a day apart. The second one was of the OOB type. My body was so weak, I could not lift my head. Yet , I saw myself on the bed. Being 17, still overwhelmed by the classic NDE the day before. I went to get the Nurses. They did not see me. The next night I told all three of them what they were doing at 0330 hours or thereabouts. They turned as white as their uniforms.” (CPLF)

“What was doing the thinking and the traveling from room to room or from floor to floor of the hospital? It sure wasn’t the brain.” (CPLF)

Excuse/Argument # 24:
The appeal to popularity: All those people couldn’t possibly be wrong.

“Ancient myth and fable, tribal memory, lingering belief among adherents of the great religions and some grotesque archaeological discoveries, all testify to ages … when reincarnation … was a commonly accepted law of life.” (CFR)

“What is interesting about precognition, telepathy, or any other form of paranormal communication is the number or people who believe they’ve had at least one experience: between ten and seventeen percent in the United Slates and Great Britain, according to some surveys.” (OMI)

“The question is, given the millions of people who conduct the grand experiment each year, and given the thousands that maintain the presence of mind to report their findings, at what point do we begin to take seriously the findings of all these thousands of researchers when they report on the outcome of that experiment?” (CPLF)

“Dr. Stevenson has collected the reports of over 3000 such researchers who have replicated the experiment. How much more replication will it take to convince you? Or must you wait until your own time to replicate the grand experiment?” (CPLF)

Excuse/Argument # 25:
The appeal to authority.

“Velikovski’s work, in particular, describes events from two or more ancient perspectives.” (CPLF)

“Rand and Rose Flem-Aths little book about Atlantis being in Lesser Antarctica is very persuasive.” (CPLF)

“Ghosts are reported, even by serious researchers, as possessing a kind of intelligence and awareness.” (CPLF)

“Just off the top of my head there’s the work of H.N. Banerjee “Americans Who Have Been Reincarnated: Ten Case Histories.” (CPLF)

“The actual materials are there for anyone to review …and can be found in several very good books by highly respected authors living either at the time of this phenomenon or during the current time.” (CPLF)

“Our book… invites consideration of ideas that have found hospitality in the greatest minds, the most powerful and influential philosophers in history.” (PFM)

Excuse/Argument # 26:
Skeptics are thinking in cynical, closed-minded and uninformed ways.

“It saddens me that most people will not take the time (or don’t have the mental capacity) to study the case carefully within a broader perspective.” (CPLF)

“A person who has decided that all his knowledge can come only from science has closed his mind to all the other avenues of knowledge and that is indeed deplorable.” (CPLF)

“I’d like to take the study of reincarnation and of the nature of the afterlife seriously and I don’t take kindly to having my favorite field of study tainted by simple-minded nonsense.” (CPLF)

“So long as you are trapped by the reductionistic fallacy, none of this will make sense.” (CPLF)

Excuse/Argument # 27:
The excuse from personal incredulity: If it seems impossible to me, then it must be impossible.

“At age 28, I was approached by a man I had never seen before who told me he had seen what I had gone through in the region above my eyebrows, and began to spill out personal information he had no means of knowing of.” (CPLF)

“You can discount ninety-five percent of these cases; but for an impressive number there is no natural explanation. Present understanding of our brains leaves no room for these phenomena.” (OMI)

“This [future reality] was not really an explanation, but I could not think of a better one.” (RPL)

“Plus she has enough “hits” in her study to make it way beyond chance.” (CPLF)

“But the point is, one or two solid “hits” in a sea of nonsense, is still one or two solid hits. The nonsense in no way invalidates the hits (so long as the hits are beyond statistical chance).” (CPLF)

Excuse/Argument # 28:
The evidence is out there, find it yourself.

“Why don’t you do your own homework.” (CPLF)

“Surely you can find time in your busy schedule for a simple homework assignment. Go to the library and check out “The Conscious Universe” by Dean Radin, PhD. Read it.” (CPLF)

“Do with the evidence as you will. I won’t spoon feed it to you.” (CPLF)

Excuse/Argument # 29:
Explanations to support paranormal claims.

“…humans and other animals…. choose the embryo they will go to and then imbue that embryo with a life force and consciousness. Before that, it was a collection of cells sustained by the mother’s body or within an eggshell.” (CPLF)

“…some form of psychokinesis had been going on [and] the knocks and raps [could only be explained by] some sort of human radiation.” (RPL)

[Plants are] “…living, breathing, communicating creatures endowed with the personality and attributes of soul.” (CFR)

[A formula, obtained by automatic writing, that if understood], “would be possible to find places in the “matrix of harmonics” that would enable us to trap power sources beyond those normally available in our particular space-time continuum.” (RPL)

“Another possibility, maybe people are psychically tapping into some universal knowledge where they are getting this info.” (CPLF)

“How this consciousness came to be is a mystery to me. But once it comes into existence it transfers itself to many bodies over the course of the centuries.” (CPLF)

“…the SPIRIT and intuition take their parts in the memory and in how these are stored and obstruct the present lifetime.” (CPLF)

“It is an interesting chemical reaction that can cross time and space and return.” (CPLF)

“Case in point, indeed you can stimulate the brain and create *something* that looks sufficiently like a near-death experience to satisfy your assumptions that it’s all physical. It’s a knock-off, actually. And that, because, the physical world (including the brain) mimics and reflects it’s super-physical source. You will *always* find a physical “reflection” or knock-off of the super-physical reality in the physical world.” (CPLF)

“The Universe will eventually be proven to a huge illusion.” (CPLF)

“I find myself thinking increasingly of some intermediate ‘non-physical body’ which acts as the carrier of these attributes [memories and birthmarks] between one life and another …” (NHS)

“The mind is generally gone by the time of death…” (CPLF)

[Our consciousness is] “somehow separated off at the filaments of its attachment, and then drawn like an easy breath back into the membrane of its origin, a fresh memory for a biospherical nervous system, but I have no data on the matter.” (NHS)

“My view is that there is a primal energy that is condensed to energies at C [speed of light], which are condensed into energies stored as matter.” (CPLF)

“My mind, like all others, is a discreet quanta of primal energy.” (CPLF)

“It is glaringly obvious that the depression centered on Hudsons Bay was once at the North Pole.” (CPLF)

“My own take on this is that the triggering event is the periodical change of polarity of the Planet.” (CPLF)

“The mind travels, of course.” (CPLF)

“A type a lawfulness peculiar to mind and contrary to physics is increasingly evident in the extra-sensory perception and psycho-kinetic researches.” (PFM)

“The substratum in which this information is embedded is not necessarily a material substratum, and if non-material in the dualistic sense, does not use or depend on material-plane energy in any form.” (CPLF)

[The student] “was in a mildly altered state of consciousness… [and had] tapped in to a probable future reality…” (RPL)

“The mind would appear to be that which transfers from a deceased person to a very young living person who is still in the womb.” (CPLF)

“Oh, all MRI’s etc. show no aberration other than very high intelligence inherited from my Grandmother.” (CPLF)

“Reincarnation literature is full of conclusions that people come back in large groups. That you look alike within sexual and racial features. That your handwriting is similar. Of course your personalities are essentially the same except for different foci in different lives.” (CPLF)

“The idea of a molten thin heavy iron content Mohorovic Discontinuity and the change of polarity of the poles would combine to enable a lithosphereic roll.” (CPLF)

“Ian Stevenson came up with a term, “psychophore”, to refer to a thought bundle which can travel from a body after its death to a new body, occupy the body and imbue it with consciousness.” (CPLF)

“…after organic death of the body, a life force/personality bundle moves on to a new embryo immediately at the speed of thought, or stays discarnate for weeks, months or even years. This life force/personality bundle in my model may indeed manifest as the “ghosts” people talk about in all cultures and countries.” (CPLF)

“It is my hypothesis… that the consciousness that you have in this lifetime is in fact your own consciousness, no one else’s, that it is the same consciousness that you have always had. …although you have occupied many, many bodies throughout time, you yourself are still you.” (CPLF)

“Thus, according to my model, there is no “storage” of the life force in an alternate universe where time is suspended. The life force that is now in your body has continually existed in real time since its inception.” (CPLF)

“No cells are involved in life force. We are not talking about anything organic. We are, as you surmised, talking about pure energy, the energy of thought.” (CPLF)


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