Great hits & misses of psychic John Edward

by Andrew Endersby

Hits from “Crossing Over”

A celebrity came to a party

John Edward: Okay, ’cause they’re bringing this up, and they’re making me feel like there was that special time where, as a joke-now, that’s not a joke, but I’m sang-I’m getting a funny feeling that you were out, you’re doing this big thing, and a celebrity came by the area or that there was a celebrity that was brought to the area.

Sitter: Oh, yes.

John Edward: And everybody was like, “Oh, my god; oh, my god, it’s, you know, Dean Martin,” or whoever this is. Who was it?

Sitters [Together]: Michael Bolton.

John Edward guesses the layout of three rooms in a house

John Edward: I’m going to-I’m going to describe a place to you, okay?

Sitter: Okay.

John Edward: When I come in the house, I’ve got, like, steps to go downstairs to a basement-

Sitter: Yes.

John Edward: And steps to go upstairs into a kitchen, correct?

Sitter: Okay.

John Edward: Okay, when I go to the left, there’s a dining room and then a small living room that faces the front of the house.

Sitter: Yes.

John Edward: Where is this?

Sitter: Rhode Island, water.

John Edward: Okay, is that where you guys lived?

Sitter: In the summer.

I don’t know how common a layout of this kind is in America. Nevertheless, this description fitted a house that they’d been talking about earlier in the sitting, so I guess it counts as a notable hit.

A female ballooned on drugs

John Edward: They’re telling me to acknowledge some young female, like either somebody lost a younger sister or daughter, and I feel like there was either a– either this person was on massive, like, steroids or that there was some type of ballooning effect that I’m getting within the body. I’m getting, like, somebody that’s ballooning out. do you understand that?

Sitter: Yes, i do.

John Edward: And it’s for a younger female?

Sitter: Yes, it is.

John Edward: Okay. Is it cortisone that they were on, or something?

Sitter: She had a kidney disorder.

John Edward: And that they would balloon out?

Sitter: Yes, mm-hmm.

I feel unsure over being too bowled over by medical stuff since I know little about the subject. However, this seemed particularly pertinent for the sitter, so I’ll call this a big hit.

Bagpipes connection

John Edward: I’m hearing bagpipes, so either somebody had a bagpipe connection, played them, or they were played at somebody’s funeral or wake. Do you understand this?

Sitter: Yes.

This was later linked to an uncle, passed. However, I wonder if my calling this a crazy guess isn’t some cultural thing. Bagpipes at funerals would certainly be peculiar where I come from, but as for the US, I couldn’t be sure.

Disney ring, in a specific location described by John Edward

John Edward: One last validation. She says to go into the bathroom, Okay and in the bathroom there is something in an unusual spot, forward left. So when you walk into the bathroom, right to the left there, there’s something right there she wants me to acknowledge. It’s like Mickey Mouse related. It’s like Disney related.

Sitter (Mother’s older Daughter): – Oh My God!

John Edward: What is this?

Sitter (Mother’s sister): That’s where my ring is that she got me when she was in Disney World.

Morocco connection

John Edward: And they’re telling me that I need to bring up-this is going to sound strange-Morocco or something, like, around there. Like, did you travel there? Is there some type of, like, trip back from there? What is this? Who has the ties that would be, like, Moroccan?

Sitter: My nephew just went to Morocco.

Someone passed had an amputated leg

John Edward: he’s also telling me He’s got the woman who had a leg amputated there. There’s a woman who had her leg taken off, amputated. And she’s also passed, ’cause he brings this up-

Sitter: There was a distant cousin who was having surgery and developed a blood clot and had to have an amputation. She was a comedienne. Her name was Toady Fields. Toady Fields. I think Toady Fields.

2nd floor break in

John Edward: There are fond memories for her in this place.

Sitter: Oh, yeah.

John Edward: Or there’s fond memories that’s there, minus the fact that somebody broke in the second floor.

Sitter: Yep.

Studies navigation, radar, Beep beep noise

John Edward: He’s telling me to talk about the person who either studies navigation or radar, or somebody who did something that would have….BEEP, BEEP….whatever this BEEP thing is. What is this?

Sitter: It’s an airplane navigation tool.

John Edward: Did he do this? Or what is this?

Sitter: Yes.

Pergo floor just laid by sitter or someone sitter knows

John Edward: I’m coming up over here. I know this is going to sound really strange, but I want to make sure I’m with the right person. Did you just put down a new Pergo floor? Or is somebody like putting down new floors?

Sitter: We’re putting it down soon. We just ordered it.

John Edward: Like a new wood floor?

Sitter: Yes.

Glen Cove connection

John Edward: Okay. I know this is going to sound really nuts, but do you have any Glen Cove connection? You know where Glen Cove, Long Island is?

Sitter: Yes.

John Edward: You have any ties to Glen Cove?

Sitter: Yes.

He and his father once worked on a job there. Since the father was the subject of the reading, it seemed that this wasn’t too much of a stretch.

Father didn’t use real name

John Edward: Okay, but I get it as being separate. Either your dad is also there, but they’re telling me to acknowledge the father figure, also, who has passed. Is there a reason why he would not go by his given name?

Sitter: Unbelievable.

Joke about Alley Cat dance

John Edward: And I don’t know if there’s, like, a family joke about the alley cat, the dance?

Sitter: The song. [Singing] That song.

John Edward: Right, the alley cat.

Sitter: Yeah.

Again cultural differences come into play. What is this “Alley Cat” song? I’ve no idea. Still, it seemed odd to me, so I put it in.

Misses on “Crossing Over”

Father didn’t use real name

John Edward: And they’re making me feel like there’s a reference that I have a dad that’s coming through. And they’re making me feel like the father’s coming through, also acknowledging that he was known by a different name or a variation of the name.

Met a famous TV doctor

John Edward: Yes? Did somebody in your family get a chance to, like, meet a famous tv doctor? Like, were they, like, on a plane with marcus welby or something? Or, like, did they see, like, sean from survivor? I don’t what this is. They’re, like, trying to, like–trying to think, like, there’s something about– did they see richard chamberlain? I’m trying to figure out what this famous doctor connection is.

Sitter: My sister had a tremendous crush on him, but–

John Edward: Yeah, no. Um, there’s something about, like, spotlights around a doctor, unless you have a famous doctor in your family, and I’m just, like, screwing this up, but–okay, stick to it as I’m getting it. Connected to one of these people, there’s a famous feeling, a notoriety attached to somebody health care-related that I feel like I’m meeting, and I feel like I want to laugh. It’s, like, there’s something funny about this, like somebody had the chance to meet–

Sitter: The only thing I can think of is, they say that when he–he used to look like, you know, dr. Greene in e R., You know, goose in top gun. Now they say that’s what he’ll look like when he gets older.

Sitter: When I lose a little more hair.

Sitter: That’s why it might be funny too.

John Edward: Who would say that to you?

Sitter: All through college, I was told that–

John Edward: But none of their family, right?

Sitter: No.

Sitter offers a couple of vague hits that John Edward rejects. In the end this has to count as a miss, despite stretching.

Japan relatives in family

John Edward: I don’t know if this is going to make sense for you, but I’m going to say it. Are there Japanese relatives in the family?

Sitter: No.

John Edward: I had a feeling you were going to say no to that. Call me psychic, but I’m going to stick to that. They’re trying to show me some type of connection to Japan or what I would see as being a connection to a Japanese family that you’re connected to, so there’s something that Ii would see as being, like, an Asian background or somebody having some type of Asian connection that’s coming in here.

Sitter: Is that just strictly on his side?

John Edward: No, it’s for both of you.

Sitter: Okay. I think when my grandfather was in the war–I think he was in the army. he was in one of the services. i believe he was in Japan.

So the initial guess is stretched first by John Edward and then by the sitter.

Someone in area has a Spanish medallion

Announcer: Welcome back to crossing over with John Edward.

John Edward: Okay, this might sound strange, but does somebody have with them-they brought a medallion or medal from Spain? From Spain or a Spanish medallion?

Sitter: I have something. I don’t know where it’s from, though.

John Edward: Like a medal.

Sitter: It’s like a piece of jewelry, gold jewelry.

John Edward: this is, like, from Spain. I’m seeing Spain.

Sitter: I don’t know if it’s made in Spain, but it’s a medal that was just sent to me by my sister who lives in Pennsylvania.

John Edward: it was sent to you from your sister?

Sitter: Yes, but I don’t know. The only chance would be if it was made in Spain, but I can’t-I can’t read any.

Sitter: I can’t either.

Sitter: It doesn’t.

Sitter: It would be on the bottom.

Sitter: It says “cross” on the bottom. The prayer of – Jabez. It’s the prayer of Jabez.

John Edward: Prayer of what?

Sitter: Jabez.

John Edward: So this came from your sister?

Sitter: Yes.

John Edward: Let me back up. Did your sister just get back from Europe or Spain, or is that why they’re showing me that?

Sitter: Well, she lived in England for seven years. She just moved back.

A lot of stretching and despite finding some connection to Europe, I can’t take this as a hit.

Jack and Beanstalk connection

John Edward: They’re telling me to reference… I’m going to say, not for the name but more for the story, jack and the beanstalk. So I feel like there’s got to be a reference to somebody being, like, a jack and the beanstalk person, always reading that story, or that there’s something about them as, like, you know, growing some type of–like, they might have had a garden, but something in their garden was, like, just growing so high, one specific thing, that it would have been referred to as the “jack and the beanstalk person.” But I feel like I’m on this section.

This was later stretched to include any reference to the story or somebody having something growing really tall in their garden.

Buried with unicorn

John Edward: She’s also telling me that somebody buried her with the horse or the unicorn.. or something that’s got the unicorn on it. It’s like a horse unicorn looking thing. It’s not the live animal that’s what I’m seeing. But there is something that would be a small unicorn or horse, purplish lavander is what she’s showing me. There’s something pink purple lavander horse looking thing that she’s coming up with. With a rainbow underneath it, whatever this is. I don’t know what this is. but it’s like a horse over a rainbow is what she’s showing me

John Edward seems to be describing My Little Pony towards the end here. Anyway, in a later piece on Crossing Over about this reading the sitter’s said they found that the daughter’s bicycle had unicorns all over it. This doesn’t seem to be what John Edward is talking about and it certainly wasn’t buried with her, so it goes down as a miss.

Stole something from church

John Edward: Did you have to do something at the church?

Sitter: Not that i can think of, no… uh oh, he’s got something here. [laughs]

John Edward: again, it’s all in the interpretation, however, um, from what they’re showing me, they’re either trying to acknowledge that somebody broke or stole something from the church. [laughter]

Sitter: No.

John Edward: Come on. [laughter] we’re all family here.

Sitter: not that I can think of, no.

Sitter: He doesn’t believe you.

Sitter: This–this is going way back. [laughter]

Sitter: Um, I was studying for communion, and, uh, there was, like, a religious instructions that I was going through.

John Edward: At the church?

Sitter: Well, it was in the catholic school.

John Edward: On the property of the church.

Sitter: Yeah, and this kid dropped a pencil that I loved. It had some kind of Chinese head or something on it, and I stuck it in my pocket. that’s the only thing I can think of.

John Edward: Uh-uh. [laughter]

Sitter: no, um, no.

This is somebody who actually took something that would have been of a religious nature of the church– so he’s kind of coming up with that

A miss, although it’s worth noting John Edward rejects the hit offered by the sitter.

Paralyzed or missing leg

John Edward: So both mom and dad are coming through. One of them has, from what they’re showing me, either a brother who’s passed who was missing a leg, but they’re telling me to acknowledge that there’s a brother figure who’s passed, and there’s somebody who was either paralyzed or missing a leg there. Do you understand that?

Sitters [Mumbling]

John Edward: Let’s split them up. Mom or dad has a brother. You have an uncle who’s passed?

Sitter: I never had any uncle or aunts. … a few questions later …

John Edward: Somebody there was missing their leg. They’re telling me to acknowledge that there was a missing of the leg or they were paralyzed. There’s a missing of the leg.

Sitter: You’re saying, but I’m not–

John Edward: Isn’t that a cousin? [High-pitched] I’m thinking it is. [Laughter]

Sitter: I’m just not knowing.

John Edward: Okay, where does the louis come in or the lou?

Sitter: Lou is a friend who passed away.

Sitter: Oh, Lou, sure.

Sitter: Who had a problem with his leg.

John Edward: Okay.

Sitter: But he wasn’t paralyzed. [Mumbling]

John Edward: What happened to his leg?

Sitter: Um, he just–

John Edward: Could the man not walk? Could he not use the leg?

Sitter: Well, no, he–

John Edward: Was it not able to be used?

Sitter: No, he could walk, but he did have a lot of trouble with his leg.

John Edward: And louis has passed?

Sitter: Yes.

John Edward: Okay, they’re telling me to tell you, “like lou,” so to me, either this person that I’m talking about is like lou-

Sitter [Breathes deeply]: His brother has a problem with his leg. He has, like, a bit of a limp.

Sitter: My brother–

Sitter: But he can use–no.

John Edward: No, this person is– no. [Nasally] No. [Laughter]

Sitter[Sighs]: Oh, wow.

John Edward: Hold on. Where’s the veronica, the “v”– who’s got the “v” name in your family?

Grandmother got angry because of using teabag twice

John Edward: They’re making feel, like, connected to Francis. She was, like, the ringleader here. She’s coming across organizing everybody. And I feel like she’s telling me to talk about not liking the fact that somebody used a tea bag twice. Use it once and then throw it out. Don’t use it again. I don’t know. She feels like a nitpicker and stickler with certain things like this. Now, I don’t know if you have her ring on you today, but she’s acknowledging the ring.

This goes by unacknowledged.

Shot accidentally while hunting

John Edward: I’m gonna come up here. Somebody, sir, connected to you was shot. Somebody passed from some type of shooting or some type of accidental impact that I would see. So I don’t know if you have someone who passed that they were hunting and something happened or you’re connected to this, but somebody in this area has a hunting accident where something goes off.

Sitter: I’ve had a lot of people – – that’s vague for me, uh…..

John Edward: Okay, before I come up there and knock you right off that podium, (laughter) saying, “Does anybody in this room know somebody that passed from a heart attack?” is vague! Pointing at you and saying YOU have somebody who was shot accidentally while hunting – – I’m so sorry to disagree with you. (laughter) So now, if you DO have the person who passed this way, don’t hold up their family and please acknowledge it so I can move on.

Sitter: I don’t think so.

It’s perhaps harsh to include this in the list of crazy guesses because of it’s humorous nature, but since John Edward went to such lengths to emphasise the accuracy of the statement, I felt it should go in. In the end we learn the sitter did know someone who died of a gunshot wound, but it was suicide, so not while hunting and not accidental.

Two pregnancies that didn’t happen

John Edward: are there two pregnancies for you that didn’t happen?

Sitter: No.

Large block of cheese and a dead mouse

John Edward: They’re bringing up–they’re bringing up cheese, and I feel like there’s something about–eww? All right. This should–this should pretty much narrow this down. They’re trying to show me that the cheese was left out, and there was a, um, maybe a little mouse that crossed over, like, right near it. They’re trying to show me, like, a little dead mouse.

This was brought up a couple more times, and they got as far as saying since their father owned a restaurant there may have been something about some cheese but they didn’t know what.

Hits from Larry King Live and seminars

Buried with wrong cigarettes

John Edward: OK. He’s telling me — this is strange, but did you bury him with cigarettes?

Sitter: Yes.

John Edward: OK. He’s telling me — I know this is going to sound strange — was this the wrong brand?

Sitter: Yeah.

Not getting the cake

John Edward: And I feel like I need to acknowledge not getting the cake.

Sitter: Yes.

John Edward: You haven’t — was he like diabetic or something where he wasn’t allowed to have it?

Sitter: Yes.

Three Sues in family

John Edward: Some talk of Sue.

Sitter: Sister

John Edward: I see three Sue’s in the family.

Sitter: Grandmother, her, no other.

John Edward: Sue, Sue, Sue

Sitter: Her mother in law also is a Sue.

Correct type of dog

John Edward: Gemini connection. Late May, early June. Dog lost too. I see the Aerosmith Schnauzer.

Sitter: Lost a dog, a schnauzer.

Misses from Larry King Live and seminars

Father did not use real name

John Edward: Is there a reason why your dad would not go by his name? That he would go by the name of a place?

Sitter: Not that I know of?

Memorial story

John Edward: How about a mud story? Memorial in the rain? Someone fell and got dirty? Mom is laughing.

Sitter: No

Father’s best friend in drag

John Edward: Tom?

Sitter: Our father’s best friend.

John Edward: Do you have pictures of him in drag?

I almost fell over when I read this one. Either a stunning display of bravery on John’s part, or signs of impending insanity. For the record this was never acknowledged, since John immediately threw out a name and the sitter responded to that.

Planning a surprise party

John Edward: Are you or someone you know planning a surprise party?

Sitter: No

John Edward: There is a party. Act surprised.

Sitter owns cows

John Edward: And they’re also making me feel like do you have cows?

Sitter: Cows?

John Edward: Cows?

Sitter: No, we don’t.

Archery man

John Edward: Is he the archery man?

Sitter: An archery man?

John Edward: Is somebody play — did somebody shoot with a bow and arrow or do some type of like archery?

Sitter: Not that I know of.

Making fun of mom’s knee

John Edward: OK, and you made fun of your mom’s knee?

Sitter: No, I don’t make fun of her.

John Edward: Yes, you do. They’re telling me you make fun of your mom’s knee. You were teasing her about her leg. You just did this.

Sitter: I don’t remember.

Double amputee

John Edward: OK. And they’re also telling me to acknowledge that somebody’s a double amputee. Somebody’s missing — or they’re paralyzed in both legs.

Sitter: That doesn’t ring a bell.

Missing leg

John Edward: Who had the leg missing?

Sitter: Nobody that I know.

Father not your father

John Edward: OK. Was your dad not your dad?

Sitter: No, he was my dad.

John Edward: OK. Was there somebody else who was like a father who wasn’t your father?

Sitter: No.

Who had glass eye?

John Edward: Okay. Yeah, okay. Who had the glass eye?

Sitter: The glass eye?

John Edward: Someone had a glass eye, or was missing an eye.

Sitter: Uhhh

John Edward: Wait. It’s an animal. An animal with a missing eye.

Sitter: Are you sure it’s an eye and not a leg?

John Edward: No it’s an eye. A pet of some kind, I don’t know if it’s dog, cat, horse or whatever. But this was a pet of some kind that lost an eye when it was fighting.

Sitter: Oh, my son once found a kitten that had an eye missing.

Touch and go, this one. Seems overstretched, even for a guess as unlikely as “who had a glass eye”.

Two pregnancies lost

John Edward: Unfortunately, and that’s what’s coming through. And I’m going to tell that you there are two younger energy like children who have crossed, somebody lost like two pregnancies or somebody lost two babies as well, in some capacity in there.

Sitter: Wow.

John Edward: So, just remember that I said that, OK?

Sitter: OK.

Walking outside in nightie

John Edward: OK. I’m supposed to tease you about that. I’m also supposed to tease you about — and I’m so sorry and I’m just very thankful that people can’t see you, because I think if you were here, you’d hit me for saying this. I am supposed to tease you about some type of walking outside in a nightie or walking outside in like — not dressed properly kind of way, whether to get your mail or to get something or — there’s a funny story about this?

Sitter: It’s not ringing a bell with me.

Who got married four times?

John Edward: Who got married four times?

Sitter: Married four times?

John Edward: Married four times or in four significant relationships. But I want to say married.

Sitter: Four times? They’d have to be crazy. [laughter]

Did you lose a horse?

John Edward: Please don’t laugh when I say this, OK?

Sitter: OK?

John Edward: You didn’t lose a horse, did you?

Sitter: No.