Aum Shinrikyo – Heavenly Terror,  Part 2

Aum Shinrikyo – Heavenly Terror, Part 2

The cult investigated various methods of implementing death and destruction on a massive scale. They tried every possibility, ranging from military weapons, to biological and chemical warfare. They settled on the nerve gas sarin, and ran several real-world tests, resulting in deaths. Life within the cult was no picnic either: Stay and obey, or leave and die.

Indigo – the color of money

Indigo Children are a genetically unique new race of children possessing a very specific set of personality traits, and who are psychically linked to Kryon, a being reported to be a disembodied entity of a different order than human, who has “been with the Earth since the beginning”.

A quantum of common sense

A quantum of common sense

It seems these days there is no shortage of “quantum” machines, or “quantum” explanations that will cure all known ills, generate unlimited “free” energy, communicate with the dead, explain personal “reverse causality” or perform any other highly improbable thing you can think of. One might be tempted to be skeptical, except that it’s just “science” isn’t it? Doesn’t quantum mechanics prove all these things to be true? Decide for yourself…