Aum Shinrikyo – Heavenly Terror,  Part 2

Aum Shinrikyo – Heavenly Terror, Part 2

The cult investigated various methods of implementing death and destruction on a massive scale. They tried every possibility, ranging from military weapons, to biological and chemical warfare. They settled on the nerve gas sarin, and ran several real-world tests, resulting in deaths. Life within the cult was no picnic either: Stay and obey, or leave and die.

The White Crow Readings

The White Crow Readings

There is no question that the history of mediumship is a deeply tarnished one. We would be hard pressed to find a field where so much deceit, trickery and chicanery have been found.

It is therefore no wonder that few people in academia have been interested in testing mediums. Not only is there precious little to work from, the mediums themselves are not helpful either.

However, a professor at the University of Arizona, Gary Schwartz, not only succeeded in persuading a handful of mediums to undergo scientific testing in 2001, he also found what he presented as compelling evidence of an afterlife: At least some psychics have actually been able to communicate with the dead.

This is a critique of that experiment.

Uri Geller censors YouTube

Uri Geller has since late March 2007 been on a quest to have all videos that expose him on YouTube removed. However, you can still download a video clip of how he bends a spoon without using paranormal powers. Also, read an analysis of how he does...

Diane Lazarus: Corpse finder…or crook?

The winner of “Britain”s Psychic Challenge”, psychic Diane Lazarus claimed to have solved the murder cases of Mark Green and Muriel Drinkwater. This article delves into what turns out to be completely false claims and numerous fabrications.