Roger and me…

by Hans Egebo Roger Coghill of Coghill Research Laboratories, UK claims to be a scientist doing research work in the field bioelectromagnetism, which is defined as the study of interactions between biological entities and electromagnetic forces. This broad, multidisciplinary field includes the...
The Beast Of Funen

The Beast Of Funen

In the beginning it was allegedly a lion, then it turned into a puma, and after that it was suspected of being a joke. Subsequently it was explained as being a nice doggie named Magnus, but that explanation went overboard, and then names like jungle cat and lynx were used to describe the beast. The beast seems to have appeared out of nowhere as an out-of-place phenomenon. Indeed, the whole story is far out!

Media & science

Scientific reasoning is not something that is reserved for scientists, and it should not be. A public understanding of the scientific method is as important, if not more important, than knowledge of scientific facts. But certainly the facts are of interest, and if we are not able to check the facts for our selves we rely on others to do it for us. But whom can we trust with such important work as to tell us how things really are?

The prophet of the space-gods

30 million books by the Swiss-born writer Erich von Däniken has been printed globally, in 35 different languages. All over the world, he has become famously controversional for his two claims, that go against all scientific dogma: One claim is that Earth in ancient times have been visited by creatures from space, and the the other that these non-human guests have programmed humanity, as if we were biological computers.

Destinies twined

Some times it happens that the lives of two people are linked to each other by Fate. The odds in this story are 1 to 8,294,400,000 that a friend of mine and myself are destined to have our lives intertwined. Or are they?

The Christmas Eve Virus

The Christmas Eve Virus

by John Reese In my line of work as a software developer, I’ve come to realize that people in general would be under a lot less stress if they didn’t insist on clinging to two erroneous beliefs: Some events have no logical explanation All events can be traced to some conscious purpose or intent...